Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I can hardly write these words~I'm still shaking my head at the stupidity of ....of.....of.....complacency.

Here's the story:

The other day I found a funny looking tool in the yard. I gave it to Ron. He determined it fell from the cable company's cables.

So, today, we have an appointment for them to come and put it back. I just got a call from a representitive of the cable company to confirm the appointed hours between which the repair guys will come.

First thing, she got the reason screwed up. She thought it was for bad reception (I wonder if that was an automatic--or just her being lazy---thing for her to ask). After I told her no, she asked me to please wait a minute, then "oh...I see....to replace a fallen cable." I knew it was useless to try to explain to the poor girl the real reason, so I just agreed.

Then......she asked me to verify the full address and phone number on the account, "....for security purposes..." I gave her my address.

Then......I said, "You just called me, so you have my phone number."

"Yes, but we still need it for security purposes."

"Well, doesn't the address I just gave you match the phone number YOU just called?"

"Yes, but I still need you to confirm for security purposes."

(Her droning tone of voice never changed, by the way).

I shook my head and told her the phone number THAT SHE JUST CALLED, so the poor dear would know it was ME she was actually talking to.

She told me to please have someone over the age of 18 here during the appointed hours when the reparimen got there and to have a nice day.

Come to think of it, she never asked my name................

So much for security.

From Out Of My Mind,

Friday, July 2, 2010


Got an email today from a person claiming to be a Marine overseas that found a barrel full of money, but can't get it out of the country without my personal help....


First of all; a true Marine has HONOR. And Honor dictates that you do your best to find the rightful owner of your discovery. If you can't, then you turn it in and go on about your business. If the rightful owner is eventually found and wishes to reward the finder, then so be it.

To do anything else is thievery.

Second of all; a true Marine is taught to OVERCOME AND ADAPT. So, if there is no Honor in that particular Marine (yeah, even the Marines get a bad, honorless one occasionally), then surely he's smart enough to figure out how to get the so-called barrel full of money out of the country all by himself. Besides, one with no honor would be selfish enough and not want to tell anyone of his find, let alone a perfect stranger who he's emailed. (How the hell did he get my email addy anyway?!)

Third of all; a true Marine would probably get in all kinds of trouble (whether he has Honor or not), by pulling a stunt like this guy was trying to pull. I'm not sure, but there are probably rules prohibiting the removal of certain items (like a barrel full of money).

Why would someone hide their money in a barrel and why would another someone even think to look inside a barrel?

Finally; c'mon folks.....are there really people out there that are that stupid to answer this clown? I know there are stupid people in the world~but jeez~with all the hype about identity theft floating around, are there still folks stupid enough to answer emails like this and give the sender personal information? (I don't know what this guy wanted to know, I deleted the email).

From Out of Pambo's Mind,

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I watched Grease the other day, and West Side Story, last month.

I was struck by how the so-called punks, (bad boys) in the movie were so neatly dressed. The clothes they wore FIT, their hair was combed, and they took pride in their appearance.

Okay...they are movies. But, my husband grew up in those years, and was even considered a punk. His clothes fit, and he wore his hair in a DA style. (For those too young to know, that's Duck's Ass ~ check John T's hair in Grease).

Every generation has "bad boys." But, come on.....do they have to be such slobs?

Pants dragging the ground (the pant legs, not the crotch), shirts way too big, pants crotch hanging to the knees, (NO ONE wants to see your underwear, young man!) are all disgusting.

Once again, the fashion industry has messed up.

We had to hang out at a car dealership for an hour or so one afternoon, while our car was serviced. We were in the showroom and were approached by a young salesman. I'm sure he thought he was dressed nicely. In my eyes, he looked like a slob.

Sure, he had on dress slacks and a button down shirt. But, the slacks were a size too big, way too long (the front of the hem was bunched up on his shoes, the back so long, he walked on it occasionally). The shirt hung on him like a tent.

His hair was neat, though. And he was a very nice, personable young man. But my first impression made me think he didn't really care about his appearance, so why would he care about selling me a car?

My daughters will tell me, "that's the way it is, mom, get over it!"
That doesn't make it right, dears! Slobby looks are not pleasant to see. You girls all dress in clothes that fit! Even my little rebel daughter---your "rebel" clothes fit (she wears black combat boots with almost every outfit!).
The two that have husbands, their clothes fit; no slobs in either family. And to the one who isn't married, but has two sons, she doesn't let her kids wear clothes that are too big.

So see........that's NOT the way it is.

First impressions DO matter and first impressions are based on HOW YOU LOOK!

Stop buying the big slobby clothes. I'd love to see the bad boys dressing like the punks from the fifties and sixties again. At least they'd get more respect!

From Out of Pambo's Mind,
PS I picked on the girls in a previous blog.


What the hell is the fashion industry thinking?

I have a five year old granddaughter. Her mother told me that she bought her some shorts, brought them home and had Ani try them on. They were so short, her butt showed when she bent over, and her panties showed in her crotch when she sat down. Needless to say, they were returned to the store.

These too-skimpy clothes are appalling!

Little girls and teen girls wear skimpy clothes that show their butt-crack, too much belly (any is too much), butt cheeks, and chest.

The sad part is, they think it's okay! Apparently, so do their parents, which is the really sad part.

Another sad part is that in this generation of overweight kids---most of those girls look horrible in the skimpy clothes.

Come on people....ARE YOU FRIGGIN BLIND?

Can't you say NO! to those that promote Sluttiness in our girls?

I use the term SLUT not so loosely, either. I mean it! Look around you. Grade school girls wearing make-up. Make-up! Once in awhile for playing dress-up or to have a "make-over" night with Mom is acceptable and fun. But, everyday and to school???????

It just ain't right.

Good for Ani's mom for returning those too short shorts. The rest of the nation's moms who DON'T return the slutty clothes, but just sigh and accept them, because 'it's the fashion now', are simply cowards.

If more of us said NO, then things would change. Appearance does matter.

From Out of Pambo's Mind,
PS I'm gonna pick on the boys in a blog to follow this one.........

Saturday, May 15, 2010

NEW IRON!!!!!!

I am sooooooo excited! I got a new iron the other day. (See blog "Mundane Chores")
My iron started leaking water from the spout into which you pour the water. I figured that it wasn't very safe to have water leaking all over an electrical appliance, so had to get a new one (oh darn!).

In the meantime, I borrowed one from my friend, who is allergic to ironing, yet has two irons....hmmmmm. Anyway, it was a cordless one. It was also a mindless one. I did not like it. I could only iron for a few seconds before the iron began to cool. In order for it to get hot again, I had to put it back in its base to re-charge and heat. Suddenly, ironing became mundane and no fun.

I needed to get to Walmart or Walgreen's or somewhere quick to get a new one before I went insane.

If you've read up on me, you know I don't drive because of a genetic eye disease that has rendered me legally blind. I have to rely on my friends or husband to take me somewhere further than I'm willing to walk.

I had a lunch planned with one of those wonderful friends the next day and had planned on asking her to take me to find an iron. In the middle of the night, I had an epiphany! It's very difficult for me to iron black, dark blue and other dark colors because of my eye disease. I thought...."I wonder if there's an iron with a light on the front?"

I was so intrigued by the idea, I got up right then (2am) and googled it. After several searches (I won't bore you with the goofy things that came up when I put in the search bar; "Iron with a light")~~I finally found one. It's made by Conair and cost only 40 bucks!

Sooooooo, Amazon showed "out of stock indefintley". Conair didn't even show the stock number. So now I was depressed--my spirits needed ironing--haha.

I found Conair's phone number, called them and the lady told me they had them in stock (No, she didn't know why the website didn't show it) and placed my order.

Ironing is such a pleasure again. I leave the clothes in the dryer too long on purpose, just so I'll have lots of wrinkles to iron--with a light!

From Out of Pambo's Mind
PS NO! I'm not OCD....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's With the Slobby-Scuffy Look?

I just don't get it.

This fad that's been around for a couple of years now of men and their scruffy faces. C'mon guys....it's really ugly and sloppy and makes you look like a slob. Not to mention, it's pretty creepy too.

Frankly, there are only about one percent of the whole population in the world that can carry it off and look good--meaning NOT like a slob. One of my sons-in-law is one of them. He's very handsome both ways. I'm not sure about the other son-in-law; I've seen him clean-shaven or with a real beard. He's also very handsome both ways.

I'm so disgusted when I see men on TV, either well known actors, or TV commercial guys who sport this creepy look. Most of the TV commercial guys are not that good looking anyway, and then to try to get by with the scruffy look~nuh-uh~it just doesn't work.

I saw a picture of Harrison Ford on the front of People a year or so ago. Now, Harrison Ford is a really handsome guy, and one that is aging quite well---but the scruffy look made him look icky and creepy. But there he was, with that cute little crooked smile on the front of the magazine, probably thinking he looked good. NOT! NOT! NOT!

I wonder what idiot decided to start this fad? A lazy man? A stupid woman? Someone on some really good narcotics?

It's probably the same idiot who thought low-rider pants and skinny jeans would look good on everyone. I think they forgot to pass out all the hallucinogenic drugs to go with these styles so we'd just think it looks good on everyone.

I'll be glad when "slob" goes OUT of fashion.

I think the style of the "hoodlums" of the sixties should come back. Even though those guys were considered outcasts, they were pressed and neat outcasts. The tight white t-shirts, the tapered leg, cuffed blue jeans...t-shirt tucked in and belted, of course...basically, the James Dean look. Now that's handsome! HOT even......

From Out of Pambos Mind

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mundane Chores

Mundane Chores

I love washing dishes in my sink with my own two hands. I love to iron, too.

Mundane to you? As a kid, I HATED doing those chores. As an adult, I realized that both of those chores are very theraputic.

Not to mention, no one bothers you! It's amazing how everyone can dissappear when it's time to do the dishes. I don't even own a dishwasher. There is a window over my sink, which I can observe the goings on in the neighborhood during the day.

We used to live in the country and I love watching the Martins (birds--not neighbors!) play while I did my dishes. Sometimes they'd get to pestering the squirrels so much, I'd laugh out loud at their antics. My husband wondered how washing dishes could be so funny!

When I take clothes from the dryer, I'm glad to see wrinkles. Weird, I know, but it's true.

Holding up a freshly pressed item, that I just ironed and is now smooth and wrinkle gives me a silly sense of satisfaction. I accomplished something in those few moments of steam-iron bliss. No one in my family ever left the house wearing wrinkled clothes.

I ask you all to try it: Those of you addicted to dishwashers; those of you that pull the clothes out of the dryer and shake them, ignoring any wrinkles that persist in remaing -- I DARE you
to wash your dishes and iron your clothes
Wait until you've had a bad day....you'll be amazed at the results.

From Out of Pambo's Mind